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A Handful of Must-Visit Cities for Travelers in India

Krishen Iyer

Formerly the CEO of Iyer Health Shield, Fresno, California, resident Krishen Iyer leads a real estate development firm that he founded. An avid traveler in his free time, Krishen Iyer counts India among the most memorable destinations to which he has traveled to explore new cultures.

Arguably one of India’s most interesting destinations, the holy city of Varanasi hosts thousands of Hindu pilgrims annually who come to bathe in the Ganges. Visitors can take a boat out on the river early in the morning to witness people purifying themselves in the water. Also, thousands of temples and shrines exist in Varanasi.
Individuals may also want to visit the abandoned city of Hampi, which once served as the capital of Vijayanagar, one of the largest Hindu kingdoms. Today, people can explore the ruins and the massive boulders that dot the landscape.
Travelers who prefer the beach need to head to Goa in Coastal South West India. In addition to beautiful beaches, Goa offers a number of adventurous activities and opportunities for exploring the area’s unique natural wonders.

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