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The Health Benefits of Regularly Playing Golf

Krishen Iyer

California-based business professional Krishen Iyer, an entrepreneur and the founder of Iyer Health Shield, is the owner of a residential and commercial real estate company based in Fresno. In his free time, Krishen Iyer enjoys physically active hobbies such as golfing.

Around 25 million people play golf every year in the United States. Those who become regular golfers stand to gain valuable health benefits that have the potential to strengthen both the body and the mind.
For example, players who do not rely on golf carts for transportation can walk between three and six miles on an 18-hole course. Walking this distance can elevate the heart rate and increase blood flow throughout the body, lowering cholesterol and stimulating nerve cells in the brain.
Regular golf games allow players to use many muscles and may lead to better sleep after the low-impact exercise. The game can also have a positive effect on stress levels and allow people of all ages to form personal bonds with other players, giving them a sense of community that contributes to overall contentment.

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