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The Meaning of Agility in Soccer and How to Develop It

Krishen Iyer

Over the course of his career, Krishen Iyer has owned a number of insurance consultation businesses, including Iyer Health Shield and NMP Insurance Services. Currently, Krishen Iyer focuses on real estate development through a firm in Fresno, California. To keep active, he enjoys player soccer and formerly competed in a men’s league.

One of the most important skills in soccer is agility. While many people think of agility as the ability to perform technical movements with speed and ease, there is another level to the skill. In short, agility involves movements that are not coordinated or planned in advance. An agile player responds rapidly to an outside stimulus and redirects movement.

When developing agility, players often fall back on old drills involving ladders, but these approaches do not incorporate the outside stimulus that players find on the field. Drills meant to develop agility should involve another person who can introduce the element of the unknown. For example, dribbling a ball around a field while someone issues commands like “speed up,” “turn left,” “stop,” or “reverse direction” will have a much greater impact on agility during an actual game than anything involving a ladder.

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